Tomorrow Dec. 4th 2017 I’m Going Kayaking

Getting Ready For A Kayak Trip

So tomorrow I’m going with a friend of mine who owns a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) rental and retail business in Petaluma, Sonoma County CA. I prefer my kayak and some prefer SUP. He chose tomorrow because we are supposed to have a very fast tidal push! The fastest tide of the year from Petaluma River to San Pablo Bay 12 miles!

Getting Stuff Together

So there I was looking through all my gear from mostly my Spring and Summer trips. Luckily I thought it might be good to get some very water resistant paddling pants a little over a year ago. Also, I have a skirt for my inflatable Advanced Elements kayak that I have only used a couple of times. That’s another item I’m glad to have considering the time of year I will be on the water.

Dry bags! Yes glad I have them.

Neoprene boots not often used during Summer and again glad to have them.

Dry Bag Contents

  • splash ball to absorb any water that may drip in from the paddle if I choose to take off the skirt
  • chap stick
  • towels
  • 1st aid kit
  • camera
  • extra jerseys if more layers are needed pending weather
  • space blankets they have come in handy before when the weather conditions changed
  • snacks
  • paddling gloves
  • sunscreen
  • extra plastic bags
  • lunch soft cooler
  • key lanyard float…always have the keys attached to a floating lanyard
  • soft shell jacket goes on and off pending weather
  • pocket ken onion knife
  • Advil liquid gel capsules
  • antacid
  • wipes
  • anything you can think of that is small that adds to your comfort of the trip in case you need to rely on it that’s what goes in the dry bag
  • para cord
  • Kayak Patch Repair Kit



Some Main Items

NRS Type III Life Jacket with Knife Attached in case a tangle happens


Air Pump dual system that puts in air with each movement of the pump
Air Pressure Gauge

Towels not only to dry off…it helps to wipe down the kayak before packing back into it’s storage bag

Cell Phone

One of the items that stumped me for maybe a half hour, was a pressure gauge. It isn’t the most critical item. I have been using the same kayak for over five years and I have a good feel for where it should be. However, for this trip, this weather and all the need to be safe I just had to have it! Then after all the failed search efforts I realized the reason I couldn’t find it was because I had packed it in the built in pouch on my kayak that sits right in front of me. Why? because I didn’t want to lose it. Deep breath relax, camera is on the charger, and now the car is packed just need to gather lunch tomorrow and a few drinks. More on this after the trip!

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